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Board of Editors

The Board of Editors includes the Editors of Symposium's components and other appointed members, as may be required. The General Editor serves as Chair of the Board of Editors. The roster of the Board of Editors will be found here.


Responsibilities of Editors

Upon appointment, Editors of Symposium's components do the following:

Welcome Message − provide a welcome message to be posted on the Symposium website and the website of The College Music Society.

Editorial Board − submit to the General Editor for appointment members of the component's Editorial Board. At the Editor's discretion, persons from previous Editorial Boards may be retained or an entirely new Editorail Board may be appointed. Members of the Editorial Board are usually appointed for a three-year term that conforms to that of the Editor.

Manage Submissions − receive and manage submissions for consideration for publication. Detials concerning the submission process will be found below.

Meetings of the Board of Editors − attend meetings of the Board of Editors, both at the CMS National Conference in the fall and via video conference.

Annual Report − provide an annual report to the General Editor at the close of each volume (December 31).\


Component Details

Audio Performance Archive

• CMS Conference Archive

• CMS Forums

• CMS Reports

• Events in Music

• Instructional Technologies and Methodologies

• Music Business-Industry


• Scholarship and Research

• Video Lectures, Performances, and Lecture-Recitals









The Submission and Review Process

Symposium strives to notify authors of the determination of their submission within six weeks of the submisison's receipt.

(1) All members of The College Music Society are welcome to submit articles and performances for consideration. The Editor may, at their discretion, invite submissions from persons that are not members of the Society. All submisisons should be made through the online submission process.

(2) When a CMS member submits an article and accompanying files (e.g., video, graphics, audio) through the online submission process, a record for that member's article is created in Symposium's database.  This system enables Editors and CMS staff members to maintain a record of submissions and track their progress.  Editors are provided access to this database.

(3) When a CMS member submits an article, the system auto-generates a note acknowledging receipt of the submission.  This note lets the submitter know that they will be hearing from the Editor.

(4) Upon receipt of the files and their entry into the Symposium system, CMS staff member Julie Johnson will notify the appropriate Editor and will forward copies of the files received. All files that are part of the submission − text as well as supporting files − will be sent. We suggest that Editors save these files to their computer so they will be available during the entire review process.

(5) The original files received during the submission process will remain in the Symposium database system during the review process. Copies of the files will be resent to the Editor upon request.

(6) Within three business days, please acknowledge receipt of submissions to (a) the author and (b) CMS staff member Julie Johnson.  A graphic of Symposium's logo will be found below. This may be downloaded and embedded in email notes as needed for official Symposium correspondence.

(7) Within one week, please distribute the article to members of the Editorial Board for review.  Please request review within 30 days.

(8) Within six weeks, please determine whether the article will be accepted, not accepted, or returned to the author for revisions.  Please notify (a) the author and (b) CMS staff member Julie Johnson of your determination.

(9) Article disposition:

(a) If the article is not accepted, the original files will be deleted from the Symposium system.

(b) If the article is accepted, please (i) confirm that the original file has been approved for publication or (ii) provide to CMS staff member Julie Johnson your final, edited .doc file.  Unless you have worked with the author to modify the supporting files (e.g., graphics, video, audio), the supporting files provided with the original submission will be used with the article.

(10) Accepted articles are published in Symposium as soon as possible, usually within two weeks.  When the article has been published, we will notify the Editor and the author.

(11) During the first week of each month, please review the Symposium database noted in (2) above.  A reminder will be sent to each Editor.  This database enables Editors and CMS staff to monitor the review process.  Please correspond with CMS staff member Julie Johnson concerning any discrepancies.