Appointment of the Nominations Committee

The chair of the Nominations Committee is appointed annually by the President. The chair of the committee appoints two or more members in consultation with the President. The chair and members of the Nominations Committee may not be members of the Board of Directors. 


Task of the Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee presents to the Board of Directors a slate of two candidates, with two alternate names, for each vacant office that are up for election during the coming year. In its work to identify candidates, the Committee should look at as wide a range of diversities as possible in the development of a slate of candidates


Responsibilities of the Chair

Because nominations of officers and Board Members are critical to the continuing work of The College Music Society, the Chair of the Nominations Committee oversees several important operations, including

(1) in consultation with the President, selection of members of the Committee;

(2) actively seeking from the membership, as well as from the Board Members whose areas are being considered, the nominations of qualified candidates;

(3) consulting with area Board Members;

(4) consulting with members of the Committee; and

(5) providing a report to the Board of Directors at its fall meeting. 


Appointment of Committee Members

The Chair of the Nominations Committee plays an important role in the appointment of members of the Committee. The following process is used: (1) a call for nominations is issued to the Executive Committee and Board Members; (2) nominations, including nominations by the Chair, are received by the Chair by a specified deadline; (3) nominations are reviewed by the Chair and the President; and (5) after review, names are forwarded to the President for appointment. 


Meetings of the Committee 

The Nominations Committee meets by telephone, electronic mail, and other electronic means during the course of the summer and early fall. The purpose of the meeting is to (1) discuss and identify potential candidates and (2) develop a slate of potential candidates for offices. 


Report to the Board of Directors

The Chair of the Nominations Committee is asked to present a report of the Committee's work to the Board of Directors.  


Communication with the Membership

When the work of the Nominations Committee is completed, its report is presented to the membership via the Society's website.