Mission of the Engagement and Outreach Initiative

The mission of the Engagement and Outreach Initiative of The College Music Society is to represent issues associated with music and education in music in higher education to segments of American society not associated with the profession of college and university music. The work of the committees that comprise this initiative serve this mission in a variety of ways and to a variety of constituents.

Committees of the Engagement and Outreach Initiative

The Engagement and Outreach initiative includes the following:

(1) Music Business and Industry,
(2) Community Engagement,
(3) Cultural Inclusion,
(4) Higher Education, and
(5) International Initiatives,
(6) Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, and
(7) The CMS Fund.

The committees within the Engagement and Outreach Initiative (1) oversee continuing relations of The College Music Society with higher education and the general public, both nationally in the United States and internationally, and (2) identify ways to increase awareness of the value of music, music teaching, and education in music.

The committees (1) identify and analyze advocacy and public relations needs and (2) develop projects, programs, or publications to address these concerns. The committees may also develop long-range plans to meet the continuing need for dialogue among organizations of concern to music and higher education. The committees consider such topics as (1) the environment for music within higher education; (2) music and higher education's role within American and international musical culture, historically and contemporarily; (3) the art of music teaching; (4) opportunities to advocate for the Society, music, and higher education, as appropriate, in national and international venues; and (5) developing proposals for conferences, articles for journals and newsletters, and other means of conveying concerns of the music profession.

Mission of the Music Business and Industry Committee

The mission of the Committee is to foster liaison with the music business and industry, and to identify and address goals in common between the music business and music in higher education communities


Mission of the Community Engagement Committee

The mission of the Committee on Community Engagement is to (1) develop community engagement opportunities at CMS national conferences; (2) develop community engagement training opportunities at CMS national conferences; (3) develop a plan for community engagement training and opportunities at CMS Regional Chapter conferences, and (4) conduct a survey of best practices in community engagement that can be shared with the membership through a variety of venues.

Mission of the Cultural Inclusion Committee

The mission of the Committee on Cultural Inclusion is to identify issues and concerns among and related to the minority peoples of the United States and Canada that bear on the field of higher education. The committee may recommend studies, projects, and publications.

Mission of the Higher Education Committee

The mission of the Committee on High Education is to (1) provide liaison between music associations with higher education associations, (2) convey the essential need for a communications plan that demonstrates the success of music programs in higher education, (3) articulate the changing roles of music units, and (4) advocate for maintaining the artistic and educational integrity of music programs.

Mission of the Committee on International Initiatives 

The mission of the Committee on International Initiatives is to develop liaison with music faculty and institutions outside the United States, and to oversee opportunities for dialogue and exchange through international conferences.

Mission of the Committee on Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

The Committee on Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, which includes appointed Past Presidents of The College Music Society and is chaired by the current President, serves as an advisory body to the Board of Direcgtors. The Committee considers issues of national and international concern to the music field and explores opportunities for dialogue with institutions and organizations.  The Committee may suggest projects to help explore the emerging needs of the music field.

Mission of The CMS Fund

Since 1958 The College Music Society has served music in higher education by promoting music teaching and learning, musical creativity and expression, research, diversity of perspective, and interdisciplinary cooperation. As an extension of the Society, The CMS Fund enhances American life through support of exemplary and innovative projects of the Society's members that bring to the wider public the accomplishments of the music profession in higher education.  Members of the Board of Directors of The CMS Fund are elected by the Board of Directors of The College Music Society.  Members are elected for three-year terms. Detailed information concerning the The CMS Fund will be found here.


Engagement and Outreach Coordination

The Chairs of the above committees, along with the President of The CMS Fund, meet at the annual National Conference to share progress on current projects and ideas for future plans, helping to coordinate ideas for conference presentations, workshops, and other events.