Mission Statement for Conferences of The College Music Society

Conferences of The College Music Society provide the opportunity for the membership to sustain dialogue concerning issues on the philosophy and practice of music as an integral part of higher education, to increase communication among the various disciplines of the music profession, and to celebrate the importance of teaching.

The programs of the Society are designed for music teachers and scholars in the traditional areas of composition, ethnomusicology/world music, music education, music in general studies, music theory, musicology, and performance, as well as new areas which emerge as the profession responds to change.

The Society's program differs from those of discipline-specific organizations by virtue of its greater attention to the art of teaching and its disciplinary inclusiveness. Another distinctive feature is its focus on the historic and current music of the region in which each meeting is held, as a celebration of the richness of the musics of all cultures.

Conference Locations and Schedules

The College Music Society sponsors three types of conferences: (1) International Conferences held in June or July in odd-numbered years; (2) National Conferences held in the United States or Canada each fall; and (3) Regional U.S. or Canadian Conferences held within the boundaries of the Society’s Regional Chapters each spring.

Conferences of the Society are held in locations approved by the Board of Directors. The meeting programs, developed by appointed Program Committees, include plenary sessions, performances, presentations, panels, lecture-recitals, workshops, and other appropriate formats.