Through its Advisory Councils, The College Music Society seeks to establish and enhance discussions concerning a variety of concerns to the college music teaching community.

Advisory Councils

Each Board Member serves as chair of an advisory council consisting of the chair and at least three members of the Society. Committee members, appointed by the President in consultation with the Board Member, serve concurrently with the term of the Board Member.

In addition, councils are appointed to bring focus to cultural inclusion, improvisation, instructional technology, and student concerns.  These councils are appointed for two-year terms that coincide with the term of office of the President of the Society.


Mission of the Advisory Councils

The councils assist the Board of Directors and the Society in the identification and analysis of professional concerns, and in the development of  projects, programs, and publications designed to address those concerns.  


Current Advisory Councils

The current Advisory Councils are are:

Advisory Council At Large
Advisory Council for Composition
Advisory Council for Cultural Inclusion
Advisory Council for Ethnomusicology/World Music
Advisory Council for Improvisation
Advisory Council for Instructional Technology
Advisory Council for Music Education
Advisory Council for Music in General Studies
Advisory Council for Music Theory
Advisory Council for Musicology
Advisory Council for Performance
Advisory Council for Student Concerns