The Mission of the Professional Development Initiative

Recognizing the need for continual renewal of college and university music faculty, The College Music Society will offer opportunities for the continuing education of its members. In addition to expanding knowledge in music, the Society seeks to offer significant opportunities for the development and enhancement of music instruction and to celebrate the importance of teaching. Through its Committee on Professional Development, The College Music Society sponsors a variety of institutes, workshops, symposia, and other events, which have provided opportunities to hone teaching skills in various areas of music.

Responsibilities of the Chair of the Professional Development Committee

The Chair of the Professional Development Committee oversees several important operations, including (1) working with the Board Members and Committee Chairs in issuing the Call for Proposals and Ideas; (2) reviewing proposals received in response to the Call; (3) chairing the meeting of the Committee; (4) providing oversight concerning the work of the Committee and its members; (5) providing oversight concerning special projects; (6) serving in an advisory capacity to the President and Board of Directors.

Appointment of Committee Members

The Committee includes the members appointed by the President in consultation with the Chair of the Committee and the Board of Directors.

Meetings of the Committee

The Committee meets as required by appropriate means. The purpose of the meetings is to (1) review proposals; (2) develop projects to consider issues identified by the Society; (3) and review progress on past initiatives and coming programs.