Overview of the Executive Office

To facilitate the work and activities of The College Music Society, the Board of Directors has established an Executive Office headed by an Executive Director. Details of the assignment of responsibilities by the Board of Directors are found in the Bylaws of the organization and in staff employment descriptions. Employment policies and procedures are described in the Employee Handbook.

The Mission of the Executive Office

The mission of the Executive Office is to support the work of the Board of Directors in fulfilling its responsibilities to the members of The College Music Society, to the general public, and to the music and higher education community.

Executive Director

The Executive Director is the chief operations officer of The College Music Society. Acting on the authority of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director operates the Executive Office, conducts the daily business of the Society, maintains membership rosters, assists officers and committees, coordinates professional initiatives, and performs other duties as requested by the President. The role and mission of the Executive Director is defined in the Bylaws and in the job description for the position.

Under the general direction of the President of The College Music Society, the Executive Director assists and supports the Boards of Directors, officers, Executive Committee, and committees; plans, organizes, staffs, directs, and monitors the daily operations of the Executive Office; administers fiscal activities and records maintenance; oversees corporate status and documents; supervises human resources; monitors and maintains facilities and equipment; supervises membership records maintenance; produces conferences and institutes; issues publications; coordinates the annual meeting of the membership; assists Regional Chapters; administers elections and appointments of officers; establishes and maintains effective liaisons with education, business, and governmental organizations in music and higher education; supervises databases and electronic services; and develops and directs promotion, publicity, and marketing efforts for membership, services, and products.

Staff Position Summaries

Director of Professional Activities – Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Director of Professional Activities produces and directs dissemination of various publications including the Newsletter, College Music Symposium, CMS Reports, Monographs and Bibliographies in American Music, conference abstracts, and Regional Chapter newsletters; develops advertising; prepares for, produces, and manages the national and international conferences; prepares for, produces, and manages institutes, symposia, workshops, and other events; assists Regional Chapters in preparing for their annual conferences; and prepare and produce reports.

Director of Information Services – Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Director of Information Services researches, develops, and improves printed and on-line access to databases; assists in the development of new databases and new means of database interaction; oversees database updates; oversees directory and mailing label production; and provides customer service.

Director of Engagement and Outreach – Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Director of Engagement amd Outreach manages and operates the initiatives of the committees of the Society working in these areas; coordinate, prepares for, and manages any programs, institutes, symposia, workshops, or other international, national, or regional events; assists Regional Chapters in preparing for their engagement initiatives; and prepares and produces reports.

Director of Membership Services – Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Director of Membership Services invoices, receives, and processes annual dues payments; maintains membership databases; responds to inquiries via telephone, fax, and electronic mail; oversees accounts receivable; and manages monthly mailings.

Web Administrator - Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Web Administrator updates and develops the web site of The College Music Society.

Communications - Under the direction of the Executive Director, communications staff provide telephone and visitor reception services; receive and process mail and files; operate and monitor office machines; monitor and purchase office supplies; assist in maintenance of facilities and equipment; assist in receiving and processing mail and orders; process orders; respond to inquiries; oversee accounts receivable, including credit card payments; operate and monitor office machines; open and close the office.