Committees and Advisory Councils

The College Music Society appoints Advisory Councils as well as Committees within its Engagement and Outreach Initiative and Career Development Initiative. The following information is offered to assist Chairs of Councils and Committees in organizing and conducting their work.


General Guidelines for Councils and Committees

General guidelines for Advisory Councils and Committeesincluding information concerning responsibilities, members, meetings, and reportswill be found here


Mission Statements

Mission statements concerning specifc councils and committees will be found as follows:


Meetings of Advisory Councils and Committees

Meetings of Committees and Advisory Councils are encouraged, both in person and via electronic means. Using the CMS Zoom.Us system, the CMS Executive Office staff will be happy to set up video conferences for Committee and Council meetings. Simply confirm with members a date and time for the meeting and CMS staff will facilitate the conference.


Communication with CMS Members

CMS offers to Committees and Advisory Councils several means of communicating with CMS members.  These include:

  • Group Discussion
  • Webinars
  • Surveys
  • CMS Forums
  • Social Media Distribution
  • CMS YouTube Channel
  • CMS Website
  • Conference Presentations

For details concerning these communications options, please click here.