College Music Symposium

College Music Symposium is a Web-based, peer-reviewed service through which The College Music Society presents information for use by the public and professional musicians. The name “College Music Symposium” honors the achievements of the past while pointing to a continuing need of all working in the music field.  Symposium is located at


Full Title

The full title of the journal is "College Music Symposium - Exploring Diverse Perspectives."


Vision and Mission

College Music Symposium is guided by the following:

Vision and Goal – To develop College Music Symposium into the premier resource of professional information for musicians in higher education and the public.

Mission – Through College Music Symposium, The College Music Society gathers, considers, and disseminates ideas on the philosophy and practice of music, creating forums in which individuals working in the various areas of music can interact and communicate. Recognizing the richness of musical diversity and the challenge of balancing the traditions of the past with the possibilities of the future, the members of The College Music Society are united by a dedication to the science of learning and the art of teaching and are engaged in a dialogue that will shape music teaching in the years ahead. Through College Music Symposium, CMS shares the fruits of music research, creation, and performance; develops and enhances music instruction; celebrates the importance of teaching; and fosters the continuing education and renewal of the public and college, conservatory, and university music faculty as well as independent musicians and scholars.

Components of College Music Symposium

CMS enjoys the fruits of scholarship, research, composition, performance, discussion, and information dissemination through ten components included in College Music Symposium:

Audio Performance Archive – work of the finest composers and performers in the field of music

CMS Conference Archive – abstracts of international, national, and regional conferences

CMS Forums – opinions, editorials, commentary, and essays

CMS Reports – in-depth reports concerning important topics, events, or issues

Events in Music  – information concerning events in and outside academe

Instructional Technologies and Methodologies – review and discussion of technologies and methods useful for teaching in the classroom and studio

Music Business-Industry – presentation of reports and discussion of topics relevant to music business-industry education

Reviews – reviews of books, textbooks, periodicals, and instructional materials

Scholarship and Research – refereed scholarly articles

Video Lectures, Performances, and Lecture-Recitals – a video archive of refereed music lectures, performances, and lecture-recitals

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Development and Management

College Music Symposium is developed and managed by the General Editor and the Board of Editors, as well as the CMS Executive Office staff.

General Editor

Responsibilities of the General Editor – It is the responsibility of the General Editor to oversee the development and operations of each of Symposium’s components, support the Editors of Symposium’s components, serve as Chair of meetings of the Board of Editors, and provide an annual report to the Board of Directors.

Appointment of the General Editor – Following a search conducted by the Board of Directors, the General Editor of College Music Symposium is selected and appointed by the Board of Directors. The Editor is usually appointed for a three-year term.

Board of Editors

The Board of Editors includes the General Editor who serves as Chair, the Editors of Symposium’s components, and other appointed resource persons that may be needed from time to time to obtain required expertise.

Component Editors

Selection and Appointment Process for Editors of the Components of College Music Symposium – After consultation with the Board of Editors of College Music Symposium, the Board of Directors, and other members of The College Music Society, the General Editor will make recommendations to the Board of Directors for Editors of the components of College Music Symposium. The Editors are usually appointed for three-year terms. 

Responsibilities of the Editors – It is the responsibility of the Editor to oversee development and operations of the component of Symposium for which they have been appointed, and to provide an annual report of activities to the General Editor.

Management of Operations

College Music Symposium is maintained as a website of The College Music Society at  Symposium is available to members of the Society and the general public.

Availability and Frequency of Issue

College Music Symposium is an on-going, unfinished work in progress that will never know completion but will adapt continually to meet the emerging needs of those working in music. Through the World Wide Web, College Music Symposium is available at all times to musicians and the general public. Content, as it becomes available from Symposium's editors, is published daily.