Video Lectures, Performances, and Lecture-Recitals

Purpose and Content – The Video Lectures, Performances, and Lecture-Recitals component is an archive of refereed music lectures, performances, and lecture-recitals. All topics within music, and all musics of the world, are eligible for inclusion in the archive. Content highlights the broad interests of musicians working in the music and higher education community.

The EditorAfter consultation with members of the Board of Editors, the Board of Directors, and other members of The College Music Society, the General Editor of College Music Symposium will make a recommendation or recommendations to the Board of Directors for the position of Editor of the Video Lectures, Performances, and Lecture-Recitals component. The Editor is usually appointed for a three-year term.

Responsibility of the Editor – It shall be the responsibility of the Editor to solicit and receive videos for inclusion in the archive, to distribute materials to the reviewers, to make final decisions on acceptance of videos, and to regulate the content of the Video Lectures, Performances, and Lecture-Recitals component.

Editorial Board – An Editorial Board will consist of members appointed by the General Editor in consultation with the Editor of the Video Lectures, Performances, and Lecture-Recitals component. A balance of representation of the music disciplines will be maintained on the review Board.

Review Objectives – The Video Lectures, Performances, and Lecture-Recitals component meets the need of musicians to share their work with (a) their colleagues internationally and (b) the general public. By making available lectures, performances, and lecture-recitals, The College Music Society shares with both the music field and the public (a) the fruits of research, (b) informed opinion concerning recent and historical music and music-related literature, (c) the work of music faculty in higher education, and (d) information concerning the musics of the world. Taken together, through these efforts, broadly defined, the music profession may present significant findings and accomplishments, and contribute to an informed citizenry.

Review Principles – Reviewers are expected to assess the stated or implied purpose of a video and to identify its virtues. Likewise, notable flaws, such as poor presentation, disappointing omissions, substandard performance (e.g., squeaks, blats, bad intonation, inferior style), and conspicuous errors are identified but are not be berated in a mean-spirited manner. The video under review is considered in light of what its author intended, not what the reviewer might have preferred. Reviews are to be fair and objective, and assess whether the video (a) meets minimum standards of production quality and (b) presents its subject matter an a convincing manner.

Review Procedures – The Editor of the Lectures, Performances, and Lecture-Recitals component, within two weeks of receipt of a video, shall determine its suitability for inclusion in College Music Symposium. The video to be reviewed will be forwarded to the Reviewer of the Editor’s choice. Reviewers shall (1) receive the video and (2) provide a review to the Editor by an appropriate, agreed-upon time. The Editor will make a decision to accept or reject the video. Decisions by the Editor are final. Upon acceptance of a video, the Editor will transmit the video file to the Executive Office for posting to College Music Symposium.

Video Indexing and Availability – Videos that comprise the Lectures, Performances, and Lecture-Recitals component will be fully indexed (e.g., by subject, title, composer, dates, performer/lecturer, location), and will be available both to CMS members and to the general public.